The show “House of Lies” makes history in Cuba


The US series “House of Lies” filmed the final chapter of the television series in the city of Havana, Cuba. The final chapter launched on June 13 this year 2016, thus the “House of Lies” series will be the first american television series which recorded an episode in the island.

The television series premiered in the year 2012 in early January and its plot is based on the content of a book which was written by Martin Kihn with the publication thereof in the year 2,005.

The TV series, was finally created by Mattehew Carnahan and is broadcast on Showtime (USA) today.

The content of it is based on a group of consultants who seek to close the best deals, these consultants remain in power until selling the most sophisticated computers in places without electricity or WI FI, such as being all shares these consultants led by Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle).

This leading in turn is surrounded by a select and special working group, including Van Jeannie (Kristen Bell) who is a specialist and strategist at enterprise level; within the group also found two associates, Doug and Clyde, Doug is the analyst and Clyde is the typical womanizer and boastful character. Many new things are happening in Cuba, including new businesses likes motos electricas para enviar a Cuba and many new opportunities for Cubans.

The group of consultants work all week together in a different city in each of these weeks of work, so that your private life is very limited in time and distance, only on weekends and some exits while working with group mate.

The series finally sets the plot of its content, in scenes full of irony and humor, where the business side is framed, extolling the level of capitalism in a rather ambitious way. There’s also new american businesses like envios aereos a Cuba which are expanding in Cuba.

United States and Cuba in Pedagogical Meetings

United States, sent a delegation of more than 36 US teachers to a meeting held with Cuban pedagogues of Camagüey in equal numbers. This event represents a meeting that is held for the first time after relations between the two countries through diplomatic channels.

The meeting was held on Wednesday, February 24 this year 2,016, this meeting between teachers of both countries, aspects of Cuban education and American education mainly touched.

Both Cuban teachers and American teachers, they expressed different points that sought to publicize to account or to consider; in this case the rector of the University of Camagüey, the Doctor of Science Santiago Lajes Choy, announced the changes that have taken place in higher education, especially I touch the issue related to revenue systems to teaching careers, among other topics.

While on the United States, the teachers belonging to the University of Maryland, Dolet and Terrell, exposed related to discrimination racial, of students of black leather in his country and also played the point related to technical and strategies to teach English, among others.

Apart from these meetings, where specific topics touched between the two countries to make them known, the meeting also includes the visit of US teachers to various schools in the city of Camagüey and also in the municipality Sibanicú where exchange comments on quality in education, Higher Education.

Similarly pedagogues will have the opportunity to see and witness a community-based project at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

This meeting between the pedagogues of both nations, will be until Friday 26 February 2016, suitable time where the most relevant and meaningful exchanges of experiences will be made, the presence of projects of community type and some courses between representatives of these countries.

Cuba and the United States, once again conducive for opening encounters in this case of education and strengthening relations between the two countries for the development and expansion of this sector. These are just some of the many changes happening in Cuba now, including envios a cuba and many other cultural meetings.

New Transportation Opportunities For Cuba

The US daily “The Wall Street Journal” noted in its news that US businessmen who have visited Cuba, observed on the island great potential as a shipping center.

Different businessmen visited the island during the presence he did in Cuba, the current President of the United States Barack Obama; A total of 18 entrepreneurs type logistics companies, took the opportunity to visit the famous port of Mariel, strategically located in Havana, capital of Cuba, and visualized the great potential of the island to promote maritime trade.

The location of the port of Mariel is strategic for sending cargo to the northern part of Mexico, or to US ports in the eastern part; This was stated by the president of logistics transport company Carrier Services INC.

It is also feasible, redistributing load large vessels to smaller vessels, then direct them to ports in the United States.

Different employers who were on the island during the visit of US President Barack Obama held meetings with different Cuban authorities to reach some agreements.

Although there are still some limitations on free trade between Cuba and the United States, motivated the economic blockade that is still with the island and even today has not been raised.

Different employers reported that investments and businesses considered multimillionaire, including hotel management in Cuba’s capital Havana, “Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc.” require the massive exchange of goods across Florida for different requirements of the hotel industry.

Exports from the US to Cuba in matters of food, raw materials and other consumer goods also need to be transported from Florida to Cuba, so these lines have also been considered by different entrepreneurs; therefore considering export options are endless.

So the port of Mariel, is considered a great potential for maritime transport to Cuba, by different US businessmen who visited the island. For more Cuba news visit todo cuba to learn more.

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